This is a rough overview of the Myna testing process, to give you some familiarity with the steps involved.

For each experiment you run, you’ll follow the same simple procedure:

  • design your experiment
  • do a little bit of set up in Myna
  • add a small piece of code to your website
  • sit back and let the experiment run!

This is where Myna takes over.

  • a user loads one of your pages which contains an experiment
  • the page asks Myna to suggest a variant, and Myna responds
  • the page uses the suggestion to display the correct variant to the user
  • if the user goes on to achieve a conversion goal, the page sends Myna a ‘reward’
  • Myna learns from the reward and prefers that variant a little more in the future

All that’s left is to watch the results roll in.

You can keep up to date with the experiment’s progress using the real-time results on on our dashboard. The winning variant turns green at the point when the experiment ends.

Check the sidebar on the right for guides on everything from setting up experiments to understanding the algorithms involved in the calculations.