What our customers are saying...

Myna has allowed our business to analyze and optimize our website user experience, resulting in a direct impact on the bottom line. Unlike other options we evaluated, their user friendly dashboard has allowed multiple departments to comprehend the data quickly, resulting in communication efficiency. We are so pleased with the product and level of customer support provided - Myna has been well worth the spend. A staple tool for any online business - you will kick yourself for not adopting it sooner.

— Lauren Tesar, Brand Director, Lifebooker

We tried several A/B testing systems before and kept giving up -- not only due to the technical pain of setting things up, but the time it took to get results. Our particular application doesn't get a lot of traffic, and the cycle time to detect the winner among two options with traditional A/B testing was measured in months. With Myna, the technical integration took only an hour or so and we are able to test several options simultaneously. The simple dashboard highlights likely winners in a fraction of the time and we are able to improve our marketing ROI much more quickly. Thanks, Myna!

— Alan Pinstein, Founder, TourBuzz

Just wanted to let you guys know I really like your product. Read about this method in Hacker Newsletter a couple of weeks, so I thought I would try to implement it on some of our projects. It's currently in action at Studemia. Love getting the immediate feedback.

Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work!

— Vilhelm Josander, Project Manager, IVEO

We recently had a big wave of press that caused our traffic to spike up significantly. We were super impressed with Myna's performance. In this case, our visitor demographics had a different profile from our regular visitors. Myna dynamically picked up on the change and quickly found that our 3rd-best-performing landing page copy performed way better with the the new traffic, and began serving that much more — meaningfully increasing our conversions in real time. Super cool!

— Todd Silverstein, Co-founder, Vizify